4 Must-Have Keys For A +$1M/yr Business

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A) Look At My Client Results
LITERALLY no one has helped more businesses across as many niches run profitable ads on Facebook & Youtube over the last 11 years (started in biz @ age 11)

B) I Built The #1 Agency in CEE 
With over 300+ clients and tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, we built the #1 largest FB ads agency in central & eastern Europe in 2017.

C) I Have Repeated Results
I have built TWO 7 figure companies and multiple smaller 5-6 figure businesses.


There is an extremely good chance I have scaled or help scaled a business similar to yours on Youtube and/or Facebook.

While I don’t guarantee any result, I can tell you EXACTLY how we did it. The offer, the ad script, sales video type, everything.

You will not find that ANYWHERE, nor will you find someone who has done it successfully so many times.

If that sounds good scroll past the results below and book a call.

Here's just a small fraction of my client results:

DISCLAIMER: These are REAL people with REAL businesses. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write and please keep in mind: These are all extraordinary entrepreneurs with tremendous work ethic, who were very coachable and followed through. In no way, shape or form am I promising that your results will look like theirs. Your business is different, and so your results will be different.

Two 7 Figure Businesses I Built

$1.51 Million in Stripe - Ad Agency

$200k Per Month - Fitness Business Coach

$30k In 7 Days - Internet Marketing

$48k On $4k Ad Spend - Marketing Agency

6 Figure Business At $25k Per Month - Ecommerce

Multiple 6-7 Figure Businesses - Fitness, Accounting, Agency & Info Marketing

$100k+ Shopify Store - Ecommerce

$1.3M into $2.6M - Course Business

$15K Into $115K - Coaching Business

+$470K Spent On YouTube Ads At +3X ROI - Course Business

$80k Purchases on $42k Ad Spend - Ecommerce

$4K in 1.5 week - Real Estate

$0 To $1,500 Per Day At 3-5x ROAS - Software SaaS

$10K in a few days - LoA / spiritual niche

3X'd his business - Solar Energy

More 6-7 Results - Accountant, Fitness, LinkedIn Ads & Info Marketing

On This Quick Call We Will..

-Provide in depth analysis of your offer, ads, video and show the easy low effort areas of growth

-Spot key YOUTUBE/FB advertising strategies

-Show you the exact way you should be structuring your sales video and offer

-Review what could be holding your mindset back

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